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Solving Problems - Creating Value

Solving Problems - Creating Value

Welcome to IoTissimo! Our company is dedicated to helping organizations develop new technologies and products by focusing on the key enablers to achieve success in the shortest time. From market analysis to product design and manufacturing support, our network of experienced professionals can help address your needs in the IoT, 5G, and Power Management space.

Helping the Business Development


Once we understand the objectives of our client, we help them gather the Voice of the Customer, match the market requirements with the organization's capability, and create a plan to address the gaps and expedite the product development.

Developing Technology That Matters


Research & Development can be hard to manage efficiently. That's why our goal is to provide our clients with a strong guidance to avoid pitfalls and focus the engineering efforts in the most efficient way to achieve results on time and within budget.

Our Principles



Doing things right starts with developing solutions that are robust and withstand the test of environment AND users: "Everything should be made as simple as possible, but not simpler,"                             A. Einstein 



Speed cannot be at the expense of quality. Fixing things often takes longer than doing the detailed work up front to ensure success: "Only the Paranoid Survive,"           A. Grove.



Being on time and within budget starts with good planning and continues with the ability to choose the right path: "A project is never 'On time'; it's either late or early,"                                 F. Carobolante

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